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About Us

Successful Essentials is counseling designed for everyone. We embrace diversity and inclusion with lifelong support tailored to your needs. Tailoring this experience is at the core of our services because your definition of “success” is never the same as that of the person next to you. To achieve success, we need to understand you, your wants, your dreams, and your mentality. Successful Essentials takes a holistic approach towards career counseling, life
coaching, and mental health to ensure proper self-care, happiness, and success the way you define it.

What We Do

We guide individuals towards improving the way they feel, act, and think so a person can succeed independence. Understanding personal barriers, setting short-term and long-term goals that guide you along an individualized path toward reaching your dream of open-ended possibilities. Our services include emotional support and communication which are two of our core practices, and evidence-based theories person-centered, reality, and social cognitive
approaches to:

Career counseling, we assist individuals in identifying employable interests and formulating a
plan using those interests toward career development.

Mental health counseling sessions provide the support needed for long-lasting change. With self-
acceptance, the capability of finding contentment and happiness grows.

Life Coaching A key element to cultivating good mental health is clarifying goals and dreams,
what we call “lifetime motivators”.

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